From 4th June Growlers will be available from MotherMacs | Thurs-Sat | 4pm to 7pm |

What Is a Beer Growler?

A beer growler is a container used for the transport of beer. It is air-tight, typically made out of glass, and allows you to take draft beer Home without a degradation of quality.

Why use a Beer Growler?

Growlers afford the drinker the “straight from the tap” drinking experience that can be taken on the go. Straight from the tap is often a preferred drinking experience compared to beer from a can or bottle.

Fun Fact

One theory claims twoquart galvanized pails were used as early as the late 19th century to transport beer between the local pub and home. As the beer sloshed and CO2 was agitated, a “growling” sound could be heard as gas escaped around the lid.