Growlers will be available at Mother Macs
Thurs-Sat | 4pm to 7pm

What Is a Beer Growler?
A beer growler is a container used for the transport of beer. It is air-tight, typically made out of glass, and allows you to take draft beer Home without a degradation of quality.

Why use a Beer Growler?
Growlers afford the drinker the “straight from the tap” drinking experience that can be taken on the go. Straight from the tap is often a preferred drinking experience compared to beer from a can or bottle.

Fun Fact
One theory claims two-quart galvanized pails were used as early as the late 19th century to transport beer between the local pub and home. As the beer sloshed and CO2 was agitated, a “growling” sound could be heard as gas escaped around the lid.

NOTICE: All orders must be collected from our premises on 8/9 High Street, Limerick City. We will not accept walk-ups and unfortunately we’re currently unable to deliver! Don’t forget to put down a deposit if you need new containers!