Christmas CrackersMothers Irish Coffee Gift Set


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In our house growing up the making of an Irish Coffee was as much about art as it was about procedure, it was taken very seriously.  In fact we reckon our Mother helped write the national standard governing the Irish Coffee I.S. 417:1988.

An Irish Coffee was reserved for Visitors or to mark an occasion and typically was the drink of choice on Christmas Eve Night and Christmas morning.  There was a very defined ritual in its making and you dare not follow it.  As important as the ritual was the choice of whiskey used and honestly there was no choice – Powers or nothing else!!

Included in this pack we have the makings of the perfect Irish Coffee, just add Hot Water and Cream.


  • Double Wall Powers Irish Coffee Glass x 2
  • Powers Gold Label Whiskey (50ml) x 2
  • Powers Jigger Measure x 2
  • Ponaire Premium Coffee Grinds (65g) x 1
  • Powers Lapel Pin x 1

Not included but necessary:

  • Boiling Water
  • Cream
  • French Press or Cafetiere