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Mother Macs are delighted to introduce Mothers Whiskey Hip Flask Service, purchase a unique Mothers Hip Flask for €25 and avail of the whiskey refill service.  Our Hip Flask is exclusive to Mother Macs Public House and acts as your membership to our service.  With this Flask you may return and purchase refills of our selected whiskeys at a discounted price.  The Hip Flask holds just under 5 standard Pub measures and the refill represents great value.

This is perfect for those who love whiskey and wish to experience a variety of whiskeys without incurring the cost of purchasing a bottle.  The service is offered exclusively for off premises use and only Mother Macs Flasks can be refilled.

To avail of refill ensure your flask has been rinsed & dried thoroughly before returning for a refill, failure to do this may result in refusal to refill or worse could effect the quality of the premium whiskey.

The flasks holds a little less than 5 standard pub measures and the selection will change with time/season.

Due to availability the refills must be purchased directly from Mother Macs Public House