At Mother Macs we aim to bring a wide selection of Quality local, national and international beer; we know that we haven’t said craft beer!! same on us!!.  As you will see from our menu we have 2 classifications in our house 1. Macro Breweries 2. Independent & Local Breweries.  We select our products based on 3 pillars Quality, Supply, Consistency.  Using these we provide craft beers for our customers and currently have one of the widest selections of Craft Beers in Limerick City operating guest taps, rotational taps, one off specials and regular pourers.

Since opening our doors we have teamed up with some of the best suppliers and breweries to offer products in line with our pillars.  We’ve developed relationships and would consider a large number of breweries Friends, this means that we get to pour specials and one offs that wouldn’t normally be available to other establishments.  Currently there are a number of breweries that feature prominently in our selections.  These include:

Don’t worry if you fancy more traditional craft, Our permanent taps include typical products like Guinness and Beamish.  We apply the same care and attention to the storage and service of the macro beers, a fact recognized in 2017 by the readers of The Limerick Leader.  Mother Macs was voted joint winner of the Best Pint of Guinness in Limerick.

Rotational Tap

A single keg of the rotational beer is tapped and remains until empty, When its gone its gone so don’t wait too long, you might miss out.  Currently we operate 4 rotational taps pouring a wide selection of products, we are delighted to announce that we will operate a Treaty City Rotational Tap pouring the strange creations of Steve and he’s team.

Guest Tap

Guest taps are subject to change depending on season, availability and/or popularity. A beer will typically a available for 30 days, sometimes longer.

Permanent Tap

There are some beers that have made such an impact on us that not keeping them feels almost criminal, it has been the case that beers have been on rotation, then guests and now we pour them everyday.  Currently Mother has 3 favorites from 2 breweries (one of which is less than a mile away).  These are:

We are a verified Untappd Venue allowing our customers access our menu online to keep up to date with our selection.   Untappd also allows our customers   to check into beers as they drink them, and share these check-ins and their locations with their friends

A full listing of draught and bottled beer is available on Untappd or see below: