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Mother Macs Public House is one of Limerick’s most iconic buildings. Located on High Street and upper Denmark street it dates to 1787 (first reference in historical documents) but the exact age is uncertain. Over the years the building has had differing functions as a pub, a whiskey/wine/tea merchants and a grocery shop. For much of this time it had the name O’Malley (O’Maely) over the doorway. Today it is know as Mother Macs Public House and the home of Craft Beer in Limerick.


Mother Macs Public House opened in Dec 2015 and since this time the pub has become renowned for it large selection of craft beer. It offers rotational craft taps, guest taps, specials and a large selection of capped (bottled) beers.  It boosts an impressive selection of Whiskeys and any visitor should ask about the Whiskey of the Month offers.

How we serve youWITH GREAT SERVICE

The pub has stayed respectful to its roots and has the distinction of being one of only a small handful of bars in Limerick without a TV.  This adds to the atmosphere and all are welcomed to socialise in a friendly authentic environment with great service and a fantastic beer selection.  It has the distinction of winning Best Pint of Guinness in Limerick as voted by the readers of the Limerick Leader News Paper.


You'll never forget your first visit

What time do you get up?

Mike:  On a typical day around 8:30am but after a busy night it could be closer to 10am.

James:  I try to get up for 8am but if I’m working the night before it could be later

What is your normal breakfast?

Mike:  Coffee, another coffee and then lunch

James:  Tea, Cornflakes and the Limerick Leader online

Do you go for a walk or to the gym before/after the office?

Mike: I normally walk into and home from work daily, I also like hitting the gym 2/3 days a week.

James: I try in the evenings, but I do get out for a cycle every now and then

You arrive at office at what time?

Mike: I always seem to arrive 5 mins after James, even the days I specifically leave early.

James: I’ve an arrangement with Mikes Partner, Kora, She calls me before he leaves the house so I can be in before him

What are your first duties?

James: To give out to Mike for Being late

Mike: To pretend like I care about being late.

How many cups of coffee/tea would you drink a day?

Mike: At least 6, does it matter that they are big cups?

James: 3 or 4 a day, it depends how tired I am.

What is normal lunch  – do you have a favourite place?

Mike/James:  We tend to eat lunch together most days, we have a huge selection to choose from in the Market Quarter.  We do like eating Volcano Wings, The Yellow Lemon and Phil Flannerys (Only when Tommy is working)

Do you have many meetings during the day?

Mike:  We don’t really have scheduled meetings rather social gatherings.  We get a lot of sales reps calling in mostly for a catch up and a coffee.

James: We have a number of casual meetings during the week.  We tend to mess with the sales reps alittle playing good cop/bad cop or if we’re having a hard week bad cop/bad cop.

What time do you finish up at?

Mike:  We’re lucky in that closing times are legislated.  Most people don’t realize that it takes an hour or 2 after closing to get the house ready for the following day.

James:  Mike normally tries to run away at closing.  I normally have to hide his house keys until we’re ready to go.

Do you watch much television?

Mike:  We spend most of our time in the pub and we don’t have TVs, so no.  I do like to watch TV when I get home to help unwind but its almost always something recorded so that I can fast forward the ads.

James: we spend a lot of time in the pub so no.  I do try to keep up with sports on TV; the hurling this summer and now the rugby has started.

Do you read the newspapers?

Mike:  Its important to stay up to date with local current affairs, I don’t want to run out of things to talk about with customers or give James the opportunity to get one up on me.

James: Yes I do try to read the local and national papers. Its important in our trade to be upto date with what is happening. Its always good to throw out a curve ball story now and then to keep the customers and mike on their toes.

What do you do to relax?

Mike:  I like to cook, there is something very relaxing about it.  I typically send photos of my dinner to James and the Staff.  I also like to read and am currently reading “The Great Unexpected” by Dan Mooney.

James: looking at what Mike cooks for dinner is always good, still waiting for an invite over though. Its important to relax I try get out for a walk in the evening or a cycle. I’ve Only just have recovered from a relaxing cycle to kilkee lead by the one and only Fergal Deegan from the limerick leader.

Are you able to leave the office behind?

Mike:  I wouldn’t want to leave it behind, owning and working in a pub is a very social thing.  Your customers are your friends and when the craic starts its hard to go home.

James: When you work in an environment that we work in, its not a 9 to 5 job, so id say no. That’s not a bad thing either. You met some great characters young and old and hear many stories which some are even true.

What is a perfect work day?

Mike:  A couple of free barrels from Guinness or Heineken always helps (Shameless plug).  Both James and I left 9-5, mon to fri jobs to open Mother Macs and work long often unsocial hours.  We are lucky that we enjoy what we do and we’re supported by our loved ones, that makes everyday a very good day.

James: No two days are alike in this trade and this was one of the main reasons we moved into it. Id have to agree with Mike that every day is a good day when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Do you ever lose ‘the cool’ and if so what would make you annoyed?

Mike:  We are very much in the public eye and try to remain professional at all times.  My staff are my family and it annoys me when people are disrespectful or abusive to them.

James: When you’re in the public eye, you do have to keep a professional manner. It does help with the wonderful customers we have coming in here. Mother Macs is known for being a relaxed and cozy place for a pint.

FoundersThe McMahon Brothers

Vinnie Gillooly

Name: Vincent Gillooly
Nickname: Vinnie
Sayings: Jesus Christ I love pints, ideal, ahh sure you’ll have that
County Colours: primrose and blue
Favourite Style of Drink: stout
Least Favourite Style of Drink: Anything orchard theives related
Most Favourite Drink: Guinness
Describe yourself in one word: Majestic (for all the wrong reasons)
What you most enjoy about your job: the craic, the relaxed environment, the staff and customers are like family.
What you least enjoy about your job: watching people inhaling pints of Guinness without me
Funny Story involving you: there are way too many to fit here 😂
Describe Mother Macs in one word: family ❤


Name: Adam

Nickname: Adamski

Sayings: sure when you’re out you’re out!

County Colours: Green and white

Favourite Style Drink: Sours/Lagers

Favourite Drink: Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Describe yourself in one word: social

Most enjoy about work: Meeting new and interesting people

Least enjoy: cleaning gum from urinals!

Funny Story: Was once caught feeding taytos to Alligators in the Everglades.

Describe Mother’s in one word: Welcoming

What would you like to be when you grow up: It’ll never happen 😃😃😃


Name: sinead
Nickname: dusty
Sayings: I dunno
County Colours: green and white
Favourite Style of Drink: pints
Least Favourite Style of Drink: ones with bits in
Most Favourite Drink: pints
Describe yourself in one word: dunno
What you most enjoy about your job: the people
What you least enjoy about your job: saying sorry you’ve had to much to nice people
Funny Story involving you: I really don’t know
Describe Mother Macs in one word: enchante
What you would like to do when you grow up?: be happy